Thursday, September 25, 2008

My first one on one Bible study!

This is a picture of Robert and Mateja. Mateja has become a very good friend. She is very sweet and I have come to enjoy her company very much. She is not a believer in the true Gospel but she does believe in the God of the Bible, she is Catholic. I am using her belief in the Bible to witness to her. I gave her a Bible and she began to read it on her own. She brings her daughter to Tae Quan Do on Wednesdays and the boys are now attending it also. I mentioned to her on Monday that she should bring her Bible and I would bring mine and we would compare the English and the Slovene. To my surprise when I showed up to Tae Quan Do she asked me if I had my Bible. We opened them up and had a Bible study right there at the table. People were looking and wondering what we were doing and we were intently studying the Word of God. She ate it up and is very interested. I am so very excited that God is using me!!!! I have never felt this way about ministry. I am more of a firm believer in getting among the lost than ever before. How can we sin them if we do not know them. God has broken my heart for her and I am crying out to Him for the salvation of her soul. Please pray with me and for me that she will see the truth and I will be affective in giving it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hayden's Birthday

Hayden had a wonderful birthday and a very big birthday party. We had a mixture of American missionary friends and some Christian Slovene friends and some non Christian Slovene friends. We have made new friends that do not know the Lord personally. They know of Him but do not know Him. They are very Catholic and worship Mary (Maria) very heavily. Mateja and I have become fast friends. We spent last weekend at their home for their 8 year olds birthday party and they came here this weekend. Next weekend we have been invited to their home again. I am very glad to have met them because their son Zak (Jauque) and Logan have become fast friends also. This is the first friend Logan has made. There really have not been any boys his age up until this one. They seem to play very nice together as well and are already talking about sleepovers. I hope you enjoy the pictures that I have left you. Tomorrow I will put a slide show up with all of the birthday pictures. For now I am off to bed. It has been a very busy and hot day.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Jordan's 2nd Birthday

I thought you would enjoy seeing pictures from Jordan's 2nd birthday. She enjoyed her presents very much and did not enjoy us singing happy birthday (hmm I wonder if it was our singing)! She is a precious gift from God and a delight to have as a child. God sure knew what He was doing by putting her on the end of our little family (it is like the cherry on top). I am really tired after a very long day of homemade cooking and decorating and wrapping presents, plus the heat is getting to me (the news said that it was going to be an "Indian Summer" the next few days), so I am going to head to bed right now and try to cool down and get rid of this never ending headache that I have had for several days now. It really was a great day and I am so glad that I get to share the pictures with you.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Hello all, I am sooooo tired. I am making myself write in my blog because I have been slacking again! We had a get together for Jon's 36th birthday on Friday. It was great and we had a lot of fun with friends and a full house. Thursday was our ninth anniversary and we went out to the city center and ate. It was very nice and we have been reflecting on our past nine years together and I have to say that they have been quite wonderful. I do not think that there is any other man on this earth that could make me any happier! Ok back to why I am sooooo tired! Well, Jon got sick Friday during the middle of the night. He started running fever and aching all over. It has been that way ever since and he has had severe chills and stomach issues. Jon has not been this sick in a very long time. He would wake up shaking. I feel so bad for him. Not sure if it is a virus or food poisoning, all I know is that he feels really bad. I hope that he feels better soon. I do not mind picking up the slack but I am not getting much sleep. :) Please pray for him and me and the boys (they are starting the school of mommy)!!! I will try to keep you all up to date. He is feeling some better today. Well, I am off to put the kids to bed (it is 8pm and I have been staring at that clock wanted to put them to bed since 6:30 but it was still light out and I couldnt get away with it, the kids are too smart). I usually read at night but I do not think that I will be able to keep my eyes open tonight.