Sunday, June 22, 2008


These are a few photos of a Baptism of two of the people in the church that we attend. We had to go to a neighboring town to Baptize them because their is not a place for them to do it here. It is very hard for people in this culture to submit to Baptism because of the pressure from their families. They view Baptism as a denouncement of the Catholic faith. Some families have disowned their own family over this. These people have been saved for some time but finally are taking that leap of faith. It was such a blessing to see and we had a wonderful day of worship and fellowship with these fellow believers.

Cool things at the mall

A week ago we went to the mall one Sat. and to our surprise they were having some things going on. I took some pictures of them. There was a sand sculpture and a sand pit for kids to play in and a man carving an ice sculpture to the music of AD DC. The music would get faster, he would get faster. The kids thought that this was really cool because he had a chain saw and it was loud. This coming week there will be a festival down town that we will go to. It has booths set up with people selling things and food. It should be fun.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Okay so I am a little behind on my posting, so shoot me LOL. I had a wonderful day Tuesday. I for the first time got to go to a missionaries ladies prayer meeting. There were seven of us and we had a wonderful time talking and praying together. It really uplifted my spirits. I have met some wonderful ladies that I am sure will become great friends. We are quit an international group. There is a German single missionary, who was hosting us by the way name Judith but pronounced Udith, a Russian lady whose husband is American, an Australian lady, who just got back a few weeks ago from a six month furlough, a German summer intern who is originally from Russia but moved to Germany when she was seven, and finally me and Joan are American and Baptist. It was so wonderful to talk with these ladies because they have the same experiences that I do although they have all been here at least for two or three year all the way up to 9 years I think. I wanted to share my wonderful experience with you so these ladies were gracious enough to let me take their picture although they wanted to hide from the camera, I wonder why we women do that? Have a great Sunday everyone.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I thought that you would want to see some pictures of our last week. I have become camera happy over here. Jon calls me his little Chinese woman because I am always sticking a camera in their faces. Hayden is usually in every picture but for some reason this week he is not. He must have been outside playing.


Cherries, cherries everywhere, so many cherries so many to spare!!!! We have several cherry trees in our yard, yummy. We have two sour cherry trees and three sweet ones. The sour cherries are what we use in pies and things like that. This past Sat. it was going to rain again and knock all of the ripe cherries off the tree so Jon got a ladder and picked some cherries. I had to find out what to do with them so, I went on the internet to find a recipe for homemade cherry pie and cherry pie filling. I found what I was looking for and went off to create my newest creation in the kitchen. I pitted the cherries, then cooked them, added sugar and gelatin to thicken it. Yummy pie filling was my finished product, I didnt have time that day to make the pie so I put them in the fridge and on another day I made my pie crust, which was surprisingly easy. It turned our great and I had some dough left over so Logan played with it like playdough. That gave me another idea for another day Ha Ha. I put my pie together and baked it and it turned out great!!! The next day I made the kids homemade playdough and Logan had a blast with it. I never knew how much I would enjoy cooking!!! Really, I used to hate it but I really enjoy making wonderful things for my family to eat.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Husband

My husband, the Father of my children! How can I express how grateful I am to God for bringing us together to create a family. There are not enough hallmark cards or even homemade ones, which he got this year (4 of them), to say what you mean to me. Our kids could not design a better dad. I am so glad that you are passing on your wisdom to them and our faith. You are a wonderful leader of our home. Thank you so much for your countless sacrifices that you have made, for playing games you hate just to be with the family, for reading the Bible to our family even when they can not sit still. Thank you for the example you are to them. I hope that our sons will grow up to be a father just like you. I love you sweetheart. I hope that you have a wonderful day today. Love, Amanda

Card for Dad

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This is the card I made for him!

My Dad

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I just have to tell you a little bit about my dad. You see he is the best dad in the world and I do not want everyone to be jealous but I do not take my extreme blessing for granted. He has passed so much wisdom on to me and he is the first man I have ever loved. He always took the time to show us that we were special and important to him. He was the first man to ever give me a dozen roses, on my sixteenth birthday, and the first man to write me a poem (Ode to Amanda)! He showed me what I wanted in a husband and father of my own children and because of his example I think I have that. So today I want to say thank you for all of the wonderful things you have given me LIFE, LOVE, WISDOM, AND HAPPINESS! Thank you for teaching me about the Bible and passing on your faith to me. I love you so much and hope that you have a wonderful day. Love your first born, Amanda

Friday, June 13, 2008

Family Fun Friday Nights

We have created this tradition here in Slovenia called Family Fun Friday Nights. I make homemade pizza, very yummy, we play games as a family, such as uno, battle, guess who, and pass the pigs, Jon is our chocolate chip cookie baker, from scratch, and then we all watch a family movie. The kids love it so much that they will not let us forget about it and all week long they are saying "is it Friday yet" or "only so many days until Friday". I am so glad that they enjoy it and we do have a blast. Here are some pictures from our special night.

Monday, June 9, 2008


We have been bombarded by satan today. His attacks have not gone unnoticed. Well, to start off, my thyroid is off or something else is wrong. My hair is falling out, my fingers are tingling, I have insomnia, and I am extremely tired. Those are all signs of having a malfunctioning thyroid and I am already on medication so it must be off. I have to find a doctor to go see and hopefully not have to wait 5 months because all medical treatment is socialized so they kinda want to see the people who are dying first. So Jon is worried about me and I am a little bit but not too much.

Today we are on our way to Graz, Austria to visit friends and try to get our car fixed (battery kept dying, we had to push start it like 6 times in the last couple of days). We are heading out of town and Jon rear ends a guy. To Jon's defense it was clear and they guy looked like he was going to go. I know that an Angel was in between our cars because there was not a even a scratch on either vehicle. The guy said no harm done and didnt even call the police which is almost unheard of around here. God's protection and your prayers in action. Well, we have been going back and forth to Graz for the past 4 and a half months and never has there been anyone at the border. Today, of course you guessed it, there were Austrian police checking papers. We had our passports and then they had them but we did not have the car registration and it is in another missionaries name, long story, we can not get it in our name until we have visas! Oh, yes I know you are saying visas!!!! At this time I am sooooo nervous that they are going to hall us off to some imigrations office and deport us. We have been here for longer than the three months you are supose to be for tourism. They asked so many questions and finally they let us go. Yep, you got it God's protection and your prayers in action yet again. So you see, satan has tried to get us thrown out of the country twice in one day. It just makes me even more determend to stay and fight. Please realize how important you all are in this picture, PRAYER. Without you praying for us we may not be able to fight. Please continue to hold us up in prayer. The attacks today were merciless, I am so glad that I serve a God of mercy who has chosen to protect us in all of this. So much could have happened that did not. Thank you so much and Thank you my wonderful Saviour who watches over me and my family.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


This video is a heart clincher. A good friend put it on her blog and I am so glad that she did. It really touched my heart. We can and do make a difference in this world. Take the time to watch the video and let God speak to your heart.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

Today was a really great day and I feel very refreshed. I really enjoy our little house church that we attend. I feel that these people really love God and desire to know Him more. I love singing with them, even though I do not understand the words that I am singing I know the tune and I know what the song means. I can read the words because Slovene is relatively phonetic. There is just something about singing and praising the Lord with fellow believers that makes me happy. Just thought I would share that with everyone and give you some pictures to look at of my beautiful family :) Yes we were eating our dinner outside because it is hot!!! LOL and isnt Jordan's new swimsuit adorable? It is hot enough for her to run around in that, funny huh?


You really need to watch this video. I am afraid for my country and praying that people see things with clear eyes.