Thursday, July 31, 2008

sick kid!!!!

Hello everyone, This post finds me very drained, I hope that it finds you doing well. Hayden our 5 year old has been very ill. Sunday night on the way home from church Hayden said he was really cold and that his head was really hot, "mommy I think I have fever". My response was honey I dont think so. He had been fine just minutes earlier. We got home and I went to feel his head just to appease him and he was on fire. I checked his temp and it was 104! YIKES I had no idea why because he had no other symptoms. I gave him some medicine and sent him to bed. Alot of waking up and a restless night continued. The next day he continued to have a high fever of 104. He now said that his throat was starting to hurt. So I look and he has white stuff on his tonsils. So I think he has strep. However he started to get ulcers all over his mouth so I started to researech online. I came across hands, foot and mouth disease, a virus that starts out with a fever and then you get blisters all in your mouth and then on your hands, feet and sometime even your rearend. So I looked him over and he had a blister on his hand and on his rearend. It has followed the virus to a T. He has had fever of 104 for three days. Today it has started to go down. His throat is horrible and his mouth looks diseased. He is in so much pain it is hard for him to eat. He has been such a trouper though. I am taking him to the doctor tomorrow in hopes that there is something that they can give him for the pain. It is very contagious so I will probably be in the house in quarintine for a few more weeks!!!! I am praying that the other two do not get it and even worse me!!!! I will keep you informed. Also Logan got 26 mosquito bites yesterday and he is allergic so they looked like he had the plague. Even though Hayden is sick and we are stuck in the house the kids are crazy and have a good time.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I wanted to let everyone know that I have a very sweet husband. He planned a date for us this past Sat. Our first one in Slovenia. We havent had one in 6 months LOL. I have to say that it is by far the best date that we have ever had. He surprised me and did all the planning. He started preparing me for the date the night before by sending me and e-card and leaving a cologne sprayed letter, with special made stationary, on my pillow. The next morning I had another e-card. That evening he picked up our baby sitters and I was lead to the car and given a long stem red rose and another special made card. All of this was soooo sweet and I have to say that I cried a little the night before because he was sooooo sweet. We went to see a movie, and it was really good. Then we went back to our car and I was presented with a long stem white rose and another card. We drove down to the river and walked along the river and he took pictures of my like I was some kind of model. It was fun. We got back into our car and drove to an Asian restaurant. It was sooooo delicious and they kept bringing more food. I was so stuffed when we left. A funny thing was when we got back to the car Jon had left the lights on and the battery was dead. Being a standard though I just pushed it a little and Jon popped it and we were on our way. When we arrived home I was given a yellow long stem rose. It was a wonderful evening!!!!! I can not even begin to express how much I appreciated the time we had together. I wanted to share our wonderful evening with all of my wonderful friends and family. Oh and I leave you with some pictures.

Monday, July 14, 2008

God at work

This past Sunday (yesterday), we hosted the church in Maribor at our home. I was supper excited and nervous to see who would show up. We did alot of preparing and praying. The end result was a tremendous turn out and the Holy Spirit working in some lives. We had 35 adults in attendance and about 10 or more kids. All together between 45 and 50 people in our house. This was the biggest group that the church has ever had. One Slovene lady (a friend of mine named Yolanda) said that God is using us in this country already. We had two of our unsaved friends attend. Jon even got to talk with one in depth about his testimony after the services. Please pray for Edwin. He is a native Columbian who has been in Slovenia for a few years. He was raised Catholic but is not happy with them. He is receptive to the Gospel, please keep his name lifted up before the Lord. Our landlady also came, her name is Vojka. She was a little shy around everyone and seemed uneasy. The Lord is working in her heart. I am also tutoring a 15 year old girl named Katja in English. She failed her english class in school this past year and they give them three more chances to take a test during the summer. She took one and failed it horribly. My friend Yolanda referred her to me and I had 4 lessons with her before her next exam. I really did not think that she would pass but she worked really hard and she passed. Her family was soooo excited and grateful. They bought me a basket of potatoes from their garden. I am continuing to teach her throughout the summer. One of the assignments that I gave her is to read the daily bread in english everyday and underline words she did not understand. Also to write down what it meant to her so that we could talk about it. Please pray that the Scriptures will not return void. She is a sweet young lady. If you have hung on and read this whole blog you deserve a medal!!! Thanks for reading and staying in touch. We love you all and are so glad to see God working in the lives of people that we have met.

Bible School

Hayden's little friend with glasses from Bible school's name is Donny. They had a blast. Here are some pictures to prove it!!!

Hey everyone, sorry I am behind on writing. Things have gotten really busy around here. The kids just got through going to a Bible school that the church we attend put on. They had some workers come in from a church in New Mexico. The kids had a great time. I am so thankful that they got to attend something this summer.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Blood test results

Ok so I went to the doctor today to get the results of the blood test I had taken a week ago. The drum roll is not my thyroid! At least I do not think it is. I still need to call my doc back in Shreveport to confirm that my count has not gone up. I am however low iron anemic. Which would explain me being soooooo tired and even the hair loss and the tingling in my fingers and the dizziness. I just do not know how I became anemic. I eat meat people, everyday!!!! I am not really happy with the doc because I feel like I really did not get much information or help. I got a prescription for iron for a month but I have read that it takes at least three months to build your iron back up. Well, anyway I thought that I would update you all, who actually read this, about my health situation. We have had such a busy couple of weeks!!! I am soooo drained. We are hosting the church here in Maribor at our home this Sunday and are expecting a few of our "contacts" to come. Please be in prayer for their salvation. Some names to lift up to the Lord are: Vojka, Tihomil, Aljaz, Alja, Vlasta, Natasha, Katja.... these are a few of the people that we come in contact with alot and are not believers. Some are Catholic, some new age, and some are Atheist. Thank you for your prayers and loving support. It means so much to hear from you all :)