Monday, October 20, 2008

Long time to post

Well, hmm again it has been too long between posts. I do have a new blog though were I post my digital scrap artwork with freebies and links to a store that I sell kits in. You should go check out my new blog here.

In other news we went to a friends farm to help him harvest apples a few weeks back. When I say harvest I mean we, the whole family, was there from 9 am to 5 pm. We were on our knees picking up apples that had been shaken out of the trees. We harvested a total of1 and a half tons of apples!!! Our farmer friend presses them and makes fresh juice that he sells. He was able to press 800 liters from the apples we picked. Another family, the Bells was also there. We had a good time but our legs and back were sore for days :)

I was also able to go to an Opera premiere of Madam Butterfly. It was my first time ever attending an Opera. Yes, it was in Italian and the word's were put on screen in Slovene but it was still wonderful. My good friend Mateja's husband Robert works at the theater with the choirs and her son Zak was actually in the Opera as Madame Butterflies son. He is only 8 and he did a great job. I really did feel out of place though with tv cameras and high society people like doctors and people such as that all around. It was a unique experience that is for sure.

We had two friends over for dinner on Thursday of last week, both of who are lost. Jon got to witness to Edwin again and he is without excuse before God and now we just must wait on the Holy Spirit and Edwin's heart to be softened. I got to have an hour conversation about spiritual things and the Bible with Nina. She has been burned by the Catholic church and is skeptical of anything religious. She is really a post modernist because her view of things is that if I believe that a rock is my "god" then who am I to say that it is not. She said that whatever it is that helps you to be a better person is okay. I am praying that God would melt away the hard shell over her heart. I gave her some literature and one of my english Bibles. I think that she was touched that I would give her something she knows I value so much.

Last night, Sunday, we had our friends the Bells over to watch the cowboys game live. It was our evening and Randy Bell has bought the season. We had chili, cornbread and carrot cake. We had a great time with them although we were sick at how they played. During the game right after half time I was just sitting there watching the game and all of the sudden. I started to choke on what I guess was my own spit! I did this once last week as well but was able to get it out last week. Last night however I did not ever get it out because I had a horrible nights sleep and I woke up with my chest really tight and feeling horrible. I am not sure what is going on. I do feel that satan is attacking us and using my health. Jon is worried about me so he is doing the only thing he knows how, fasting and praying. I feel so humbled that my husband is taking me before the Lord in such a way.

On another note, the boys are going to start going to school two days a week for a couple of hours. You have to know somebody to get around all the red tape and my friend Mateja wanted to get the boys in school so they could be around Slovene kids. Pray that it will be a good experience for them and they will learn the language.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sheep Shearing Contest

Well, what more can I really say!! They have an annual sheep shearing contest and we happen to know a top sheep shearer in Slovenia. His name is Ron Metts and that is him in the middle in green in the picture shearing a sheep. They had sheep and goats for the kids to look at and pet and music and cotton candy that we paid 3 Euro for. We had a good time with fellow missionaries and our Slovene friends.

Oh and the picture at the bottom is just our resident clown Hayden who thinks he is looking pretty cool with his spiky hair, too cute!


I forgot to post the pictures that I wrote about, so here they are!

Fall Colds

Well, all three of the kiddos have colds. It started with Jordan. One morning we went to get her out of bed and with mouth breathing she pointed to her nose and said, "my nose broke". We had a real long laugh at that. She could not breathe through her nose and she saw that as her nose was broken. Then the other two started getting stuffy. Just a regular old cold but Hayden has had fever for the last two days. He is the one that always gets a fever. Logan is coughing a bit at night. It is funny how the same germ can affect them all differently. I took the above pictures a few weeks ago. We were having our noodle lunch and this bunch loves them. Of course Logan did not want his picture taken while eating.

On a different note, our dryer is broke and we are having a repairman look at it. We are not sure how much it will be to fix. If it is too much we will just have to buy a new one. We do not want to pay a large amount to pay for a broke one when we can buy a new one for about the same. Pray that this all works out. I like having my dryer and not worrying about the weather to hang clothes in and waiting for them to dry. Just little things but they make life a lot easier on a homeschooling mom.

Homeschooling is going a lot better. We have reward system that if they accomplish tasks at certain within a time limit they get a bean and at the end of the day they can use their beans to trade for candy. Logan loves it and was done with school before lunch and is begging me to let him to schoolwork on Sat. Hayden was sick so I am not sure how it will work with him when he is well. He watched tv on the couch all day.

Fall is here and with it is such lovely weather. My Slovenian friends however think that my children are sick because of the weather and my children not bundling up like snow bunnies all the time. Just a cultural thing around here. It is funny though. :)